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Stratica and our senior and experienced consultants apply proven methodologies to deliver appropriate advice to our clients without fear or favour.

Stratica is a specialist advisory practice providing independent, quality and leading edge strategic risk, financial and ICT advice. We integrate our strategic sourcing, project management, accounting, information security, cyber risk and consulting experience with a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified and accredited senior team.

Every senior team member has over 20 years of industry experience, with professional certifications covering CPA, CISM, QSA, CA and FCA.

Stratica is the only Australian-headquartered PFI (Payments Forensic Investigator). Worldwide, there are fewer than twenty QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) firms worldwide that have met the requirements to become PFI.

Our principals and associates have provided extensive advice to major private sector companies as well as both State and Federal Government sectors in Australia and overseas.

We provide independent, unbiased advice given without fear or favour based upon rigorous analysis combined with many years of experience, absent of any conflicts of interest.