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Stratica has a highly experienced and qualified multi-disciplinary team of advisers combining technology and finance expertise.

Our approach utilises proven methodologies applied by senior and experienced consultants to ensure that we deliver valued advice to our clients. Each team member has over 15 years of professional and industry experience.

Our services cover the following specialist areas:

  • PCI Consulting (accredited QSA & PFI)
  • IT strategy
  • Strategic sourcing & outsourcing advice
  • Risk assessment
  • Probity Advisers & Auditors

IT Strategy

How IT needs to align to the business direction and assist in delivering business strategy.

We work closely with our clients to develop IT strategies that can improve services and deliver a positive return on investment. This ensures that IT strategy is aligned to business strategy and delivers greater value at lower cost. As the scope and depth of IT strategy advice varies greatly from one client to another, our services are tailored to meet your unique business and IT circumstances.

The main areas of IT strategy advice include but are not limited to:

  • Return on investment analysis
  • Sourcing strategies such as shared service and outsourced IT environments, and offshoring of applications development and maintenance
  • Re-aligning IT to the business to meet corporate strategic direction
  • IT rationalisation - achieving common standards, shared IT environments
  • IT strategy reviews.

Sourcing Advice

Our highly qualified, experienced and efficient team has significant cross-industry experience, including in Government Organisations, Utilities, Transport & Logistics, Financial Industry, Manufacturing, FMCG and Retail. Our team has been in the Sourcing, Supply Chain and Procurement Transformation business for over 20 year in senior roles for corporate and top tier consulting businesses both locally and globally.Our value proposition is to assist clients with interim or on-demand management activities such as:

Procurement Excellence Training – to provide clients with best practice training seminars to up-skill their staff and provide guidance and advice on existing corporate procurement practice improvements;

Spend Analytics – to assess the existing spend trends and identify potential savings and costs avoidance targets;

Strategic Sourcing – manage source-to-contract initiatives with clearly defined business objectives in line with the overall strategy of the organisation;

Material Segment Management – structure and build material segments to develop and implement appropriate category strategies for high-spend areas;

Negotiation Execution – provide support or coaching on a strategic and operational level during all stages of the tendering process;

Process Optimisation – review the existing procure-to-pay process to optimise the procurement life cycle; and

Commercial & Vendor Management – focus on benefit realisation and performance delivery in line with the contractual arrangements.

Risk Assessment

Stratica regularly undertakes risk assessments utilising the approach of AS/NZS 4360-2004. The key to risk management is identifying, quantifying and managing or mitigating the identified risks.

Risk assessment is generally undertaken as an integral and important component of our advisory roles; however, we are also regularly requested by our clients to undertake specific risk assessments of current IT projects, existing IT environments or operational infrastructure ranging from HR payroll systems to business operating environments.

Risk identificationRisk analysisRisk evaluationDevelopment of risk management frameworksRisk mitigation and reduction programsRisk workshops.


Ensuring Probity in your procurement

If your organisation enters into large contracts for goods or services, you should be confident that this procurement is conducted with the level of probity which your organisation and other stakeholders expects. Are you?

Probity is the evidence of ethical behaviour in a particular process.
Probity assurance provides a defensible process which can withstand internal and external scrutiny.

Probity advice can ensure your procurement process is efficient and beyond reproach. When compared to the cost of restarting a procurement process, probity advice can be surprisingly cost effective.

"Any decision involving significant levels of procurement risk warrants a comparable level of probity assurance. "

Stratica is a specialist consulting practice offering probity advice on public and private sector procurement. Stratica consultants are accredited Probity Practitioners.

Stratica's probity assurance service is applicable for both public and private sector organisations. We can tailor services to meet organisational objectives or time constraints.

Protect your organisation!